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eBrisk Video is a market-leading provider of H.265/HEVC encoding solutions for video broadcast and real-time video streaming applications. eBrisk’s eBLive A-5000 has almost four times the density of the most-competitive H.265/HEVC encoders, making it the first truly cost-effective solution for large-scale high-quality real-time H.265/HEVC encoding and transcoding deployments.

eBLive A-5000

The eBLive A-5000 improves upon last year’s eBLive 5000 encoder with a 25% increase in coding efficiency while simultaneously providing a 100% increase in encoding speed. In addition, the eBLive A-5000 encoder may be configured for software-only operation or, if an Intel®-FPGA accelerator is detected, the eBLive A-5000 encoder will operate in a software-FPGA-accelerated mode.

eBLive A-5000 Features
  • High Density – real-time encoding of four 4K60fps/10bit/HDR video channels on Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Edgeline® EL4000® 1-RU platform, which can host up to four m510 cartridges, each with one 16-core Intel® Xeon® Processor D1587, which is connected to an Intel® Arria10-1150 FPGA via PCI express bus
  • High Video Quality – better video quality than any real-time HEVC video encoder
  • Rich feature set – product-hardened API ready for integration into your application
  • Real-world tested – adopted by broadcast market makers

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