About eBrisk Video Inc.

Founded in December 2009 by industry veterans, Vancouver-based eBrisk Video is a leading supplier of software-only and Intel®-FPGA-accelerated H.265/HEVC video encoding solutions to leaders in the video broadcast and real-time streaming markets. eBrisk Video architected its encoders from the ground up in order to fully capitalize on the many features that differentiate H.265/HEVC from earlier video coding standards. eBrisk’s 100% focus on H.265/HEVC encoder development has enabled it to produce the best-quality, highest-density, and most-feature-rich real-time H.265/HEVC video encoding solutions in the market.

eBrisk Video has brought together a highly-talented group of research and development engineers that have enabled it to become a prominent developer of intellectual property in the area of video compression algorithms and a leading provider of real-time H.265/HEVC video encoding solutions. eBrisk's video broadcast and real-time video streaming products provide revolutionary quality and density, for HD and UHD resolutions.

eBrisk delivers superb video quality in real-time at densities levels that will amaze you.

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